About me!

Why, hello there! I’m Naomi. I’m 14 years old. And.. pretty tall. What else can I say? Um…  I’ve been living in Manhattan for the past two years and just moved back to Switzerland. I’ve lived in Switzerland for four years and London for seven. I got used to the city’s air and the gigantic sky scrapers, the metro and all the tiring walking you have to do in New York, so it’s weird to have a mountain again as the vew from my window.

My dad’s side of the family is from Ireland and my mother’s from Austria and Transylvania. And no… I am not a Nasty or a vampire. My Dad grew up in South Africa, and my mother lived in England, France and India.

I’m a middle child. I have two siblings…(unfortunately.)  My older brother is 16 months older than me, you’d assume it means we get along but, we really don’t. But it’s nice when we have the occasional debate or intense conversation. The things he’s into are very different to me. He likes  programming and scientific stuff, and I prefer poetry, theatre, psychology. (Why is there a P in psychology? Anyway, moving on…) However my older brother Aaron just left for boarding school in Whales.

Zeb, he is Zeb. He’s ten. I get along with him better. He tells me his secrets and so forth. It’s all very exciting… or rather interesting. A ten-year-old boy’s gossip isn’t that exciting. He adores food. And is a great actor! He also loves singing. But, well… let’s just say it’s hard for him to sing the right notes.

I love acting. It’s something I would love to do more professionally. It just gives me so much pleasure. People wouldn’t think I do acting when they meet me because I am reasonably shy. However, on stage I am somebody else so I don’t need to be quiet. Acting is also a way to have the experience of feeling emotions of other people and experiencing being other people. It also gets you away from life when you need too. It’s extremely interesting. Although still wonder about the psychology of why we all enjoy acting so much.

Last term I did 6 plays at once! Super hectic. I also love singing and dancing, although I can’t dance. But I still love it!  I am always singing. I can never stop! I am either singing out loud or singing in my head. I even sing in my dreams! You’re lucky not to live with me.                                                                                                         The play I was most excited and learnt the most from was Romeo and Juliet, where I played Juliet. With adults and stuff. The funny thing is, there were adults in the play but our director was only 17 years old. He’s very artistic. He did a great job. I won an NYA award from the play so that was exciting. So did Leo the director and Romeo. We also got at ensemble award. I am very excited about it.

I’m super interested in psychology. I just find it so interesting the way human minds think. Like what happens when we get inspired? What goes through our brains when we start worrying about stuff? Why do we get depressed?  What is the reason we exist and why does everyone feel like their life matters more than others? All this stuff is so fascinating.

I love creative writing. Poetry and short stories. Lately all my short stories have been quite dark, I guess I’m trying to get out the point that not all stories end in “Happily ever after..” – that gets me annoyed. I have self-published 3 books. One with a bunch of short stories, one with a bunch of poems and the latest is a short novella. I’m actually working on another book right now. It’s a story about an autistic boy. It’s very dark.                                             I find it hard to just start writing, I prefer to just write when a wave of inspiration turns the wheels in my head. I start getting really frustrated if I don’t type out that wave.

I also love photography. Always taking quick snaps here and there. I have some photography on my blog. But if you want to see some more just look up nay_smiles_ on Instagram.

I am a feminist. And no, that does not mean I hate all men, it means I want equality. People really need to get their facts straight before accusing or starting debates. I love debates but they can go on for a long time.

I homeschool. I started homeschooling in Switzerland, homeschooled the whole time I was in New York and now that I’m back in Switz I am doing Netschool, which is like school but online. That way I can make sure I’m doing my GCSEs well. It will be at home.

My blog is on my poems, new stories, pictures, art and also what I’m up to. School, friends…

15780843_1306635676073874_2218887373460746032_n.jpg   This is a picture of me. With Scout (my uncle and aunt’s dog.) Isn’t she so cute?


7 thoughts on “About me!

  1. Lovely blog, Naomi, well written en interesting. Fiona and I will be looking forward to your entries when you are in NYC.
    Rose and Fiona


  2. Naomi, this is lovely. We appreciate you sharing your stories and thoughts with us. You have an exciting journey ahead of you, we’re thrilled to be able to follow you via your blog. Keep it up! Catharina, Emily & Isabelle


  3. What a beautiful introduction to you precious Naomi I miss you lots so it is lovely to read this. Your brothers don’t know how lucky they are to hear your singing – I hope one day they do! I look forward to reading lots more …..


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